Special Services Update


Special Education Guidebook

It's here! This morning I shared the Warwick Public School Special Education Guidebook in the Special Services Area, as well as with principals and special education department heads. This has been a major initiative of mine to provide clear and consistent guidance on special education processes and required documentation.

The guidebook contains information on special education referrals (including disability categories), special education eligibility, meetings, documentation, roles and responsibilities, secondary special education programs, suspension, and transfer students. It also contains information on how to use Aspen for referrals.

The guidebook is a living document and will be frequently updated. Please do not print it out and put it in a drawer, as you will miss important updates. I will notify all of you whenever it is updated.

If you have a suggestion for information that would be helpful in the guidebook, please let me know! The goal of the guidebook is to help all of you with any guidance you may need. I also welcome any feedback you may have.

Here's your tool of the week, Bridging the Gap, which includes information on how different disabilities impact mathematics. You can find it here:


Jennifer F Connolly, PhD

Director of Special Services