LeSsOnS fOr A wErEwOlF wArRiOr

By MiChAeL

Why you should read Lessons For A Werewolf Warrior

Lessons For A Werewolf Warrior is a long book so kids will keep reading ( Which is good for them ) the book until they finish it and it is also a good team co-operation book teaching kids how helpful and how much team co-operation can get you through sometimes! And it teaches what a "real hero" is so it is recommended for all ages between 7 and 16! ( Including 7 and 16 of course ) Plus it's all because of Jackie French's writing skills and Andrea Potter's illustrating skills! (-:

If you like....

If you like, galaxy travelling, never ending wars, a mental master mind of evilness, werewolf's, a volcano as a school then you will like this tragic story! And an overgrown, overweight chicken as a teacher then you'll enjoy this book! And a zombie hero with magic spaghetti...

Read this book!

If your awesome, fantastic, nice, the best, a bicycle wait sorry. Mistake. Continuing from best, epic and rotten. Sorry again, continuing from and, THE MOST BEST EPIC AWESOME FANTASTIC PERSON you must read Lessons for a werewolf warrior. :-)