The Technology Universe

The history of Technology

Long ago....

Long ago when the computers ruled the world walking and eating stuff... Until a aster- Wait that was dinosaurs.

- Anyway the start of computers were a big thing, They were GIANT computers taking up rooms.

- Now the very first computer was started in 1943 called ENIAC.

- Invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. The development ended in 1946 as the product was finished.

The computer mouse.

They had long tails and sharp teeth some can fl- wait still dinosaurs,

-The first computer didn't actually allow you to click on icons and start up your new game or program.

- The computer MOUSE was first invented in 1965

- The man who created the first mouse was Douglas Engelbart.

The first computer mouse made by!

The Web

We all know the web, basically normal stuff that you can access with Google Chrome, Firefox, opera, Internet Explorer, and much more.

The Normal Web

The normal web is causal stuff. It allows you to watch videos, play games, and even help you do things like program!

- Did you know "The Web" is not the only thing you have access to?

- Anything deeper then "The Web" contains illegal content.

Deep Web

What ever you do don't try and access it. There is very pleasant things.

The internet has a dark side...

Ruled by Darth Vader, employed as a.... Wait that's star wars.

- Anyway as you could imagine the internet is not all sunshine and happiness there is a dark side that can only be reached by programs like TOR.

- This side is very dangerous. It contains things like slaves for sale, hostage scenes, drug sales, hit mans, and more things.

- There even are videos that are so bad, you must report the FBI to.

- Example there was one where this guy was kidnapped forced to eat his wife's own body cut up.

The Deepest of the deepest.

- The deep web has many scary things but there is even a deeper web called the marinate web.

- This web is deadly, very deadly and interesting. No one can access this side of the web as you would need a super computer far beyond our current technology.

- It is said this side of the web contains thins like government files, treasure locations, and more.