Geography in Ancient Greece

By: Maya Gerke

Geographical Feautres

The land was 3/4 covered in rocky mountains. Western Greece had the most mountains. The ground was not fertile and 20% of the land was suitable for farming. Travel by land was hard and the roads were just dirt paths.


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Mountains made it hard to travel in Ancient Greece.

Helpful Geographical Features


The waterways linked most parts of Greece together.


The sea helped for travel and trade. They can get to places by using boats.



The land was mountainous so farmers herded sheep and goats on hillsides. The shrubs in the hills gave the animals food.

Helpful today

It might be helpful for planes to make a layover in because it is scattered in the middle of Europe which is a good place to layover if you want to go to somewhere like Russia or somewhere in northern Asia.
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The impact the geographical features had on the land was that it was a good location for trade so they got a to of goods.

Importance of Geographical Features

I would tell them the location of Greece and say that they are in a really good place to trade. They are in the middle of Europe.

Adjectives to Describe Ancient Greece

  • Mountainous
  • Separated
  • Resourceful