Brooke Clement - 8th Hour

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Career Overview

Veterinarians protect the health of animal through medicine, surgery, and being able to provide information about the animals health to the family. Veterinarians practice surgery on companion pets, animals in zoos, even animal in the military. Veterinarians usually work with small animals (dogs and cats) or large animals (horse and cow).

Veterinarians usually work from 45 to 80 hours a week. Clinics that are on call for emergencies are open 24/7 making anyone who works there being on call and working all day for 365 days.

Veterinarians that's work with small animal work in offices while veterinarians that work with large animals work in a truck that is equipped for helping large animals.

A day in a veterinarians shoes consists on being on call and helping animals. Appointments are made but in an emergency you could expect a hurt dog or any animals. A nurse will go up to the owner of the animals and write down questions. They will ask about the injuries, condition, behavior, diet and other information. Being a vet will let you meet a lot of different animals. The nurse will take the animals temperature and give the animal an exam. The vet will be checking ears, teeth, and eyes. The information the vet gets will be put into a computer where a doctor can inspect what might be happening.

The vets will soothe and calm the nervous animals down. Good communication skill and people skills certainly help when telling the owner the news. The doctor will then ask very direct questions to the owner. Veterinarians have the latest and greatest technology and medicine. Unfortunately in veterinarian medicine there no such thing as third party pay. Vets ask people to do what is best. While being a vet you have to use a lot of skills. You have to communicate and use people skills. You want to be flexible and patience as well. A lot goes into the job of a veterinarian

What do you need to successed in this career?

Good classes to take in high school are: Animal Science, Chemistry, Public Speaking, and Statistics and Probability.

As far as tech school/college the classes or degree I would need: A bachelor's degree program in Pre-Veterinary Science or one of the animal or life sciences. Some degrees and majors you could have would be Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Veterinarian Medicine.

Cost of Education and Living

GRAND TOTAL COST OF GOING TO COLLEGE (housing, food, gas, clothing, and tuition)

= $156,352

housing for amount of time in college (most are for four years with summers off)

= $24,000

food/groceries for the amount of time I will be in college (most are 4 year degrees)

= $14,000

gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college (4 yrs.)

= $ 9,600

clothing money for time at college (typically 4 yrs.)

= $4,800

total tuition for total time at college (typically 4 yrs. with summers off )

= $103,592

University of Madison - Tuition per year $25,898

Depending on how high you want to go into the veterinarians field the minimum of years is four. That will leave you with $103,592 in fees.

Pros and Cons


1) You get to help animals and there owners

2) You can put animals out of pain.

3) You can problem solve and figure what is wrong (I feel rewarded when fixing something.)


1) Euthanasia is difficult to deal with. (Putting an animal down)

2) Veterinarians work long hours and that could cut into personal and family life.

Job Advertisment

Do you feel like you need to help something or someone? Does helping something or someone feel rewarding? Veterinarians feel the satisfaction of helping animals everyday. Veterinarians need a bachelor's degree in Pre-Veterinary Science or one of the animal or life sciences. Some degrees and majors you could have would be Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Veterinarian Medicine. Did you ever think you could pick the animals you wanted to work with? Well you can! If you want to work with large animals (Ex. Cows and Horses) you could work in a truck that is equipped with tools needed for the job. You don't like big animal? You can work with small animals (Ex. Dogs and Cats) in clinics/offices. A lot of choices are given to you when you are a veterinarians, with the time you put in the more you get paid. If you reached the experienced level you have a chance of getting $147,550! That's a lot of change in your pocket! #Animals need doctors too!


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