Do Leprechauns really exist?

Do Leprechauns really exist

Leprechauns are supposed to be fairy's, a supernatural creature. In Irish folklore, it was for story telling (Berry, 2012). There is no exact evidence to prove Leprechauns are real or fake. It is your opinion to think whether they are real or not. According to Ben Radford Leprechauns came from the 8th centery and used to live in water and could grant 3 wishes.

Personal Belief

I personally think from all the evidence i have been shown, I think that leprechauns are fake because there has been no sighting that i have found.


1. A girl caught a Leprechaun, and when she heard something she turned and when she turned back where the Leprechaun was, it disapeered. (McDermott, 2015)

2. Some people might say that they love to make shoes.(Berry, 2012)

3. Scientists might think they wear green to blend in with the grass.(Berry, 2012)

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