Komodo Dragons

By:Ledger Ruiz


The Komodo Dragon is found in dry open grassland, savanna, and tropical forest at low elevations. They are found on a couple small islands including  south of Borneo and east of Bali Komodo Island, Flores Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island.


Komodo Dragons weigh up to 176 pounds. Male Komodo Dragons are up to ten feet long, female Komodo Dragons are up to eight feet long.There powerful, muscular tail is as long as there body. They have huge claws and powerful legs. Adults are covered with brown or gray scaly skin the baby Komodo Dragons are dark green with yellow and black bands.


Most of the Komodo Dragons of the savana eat wild pigs sometimees they'll even attack a buffalo.They can eat dozens of kilograms of meat in one meal. They can eat up to eight percent of there body weight in one shot.They feed with any food they find.

Threats and solutions

There are a lot of Komodo Dragons but scientists think only 350 are females that will make eggs. It also includes illegal hunting and loss of habitat. They are also killed for skins and to make novelties. In this century  more towards the begining many were trapped for sale to send them to zoos and private collectors. They are being helped because Indonesia law and there is the Komodo National Park where habitat is being preserved
komodo dragons hunt buffalo
Nature's Perfect Predators- Komodo Dragon