Manifest Destiny

By: Jacob Gorse

Mc LALA is not in favor of Manifest destiny

Land stolen from Mexico. Land stolen from the Indians.
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1. Manifest Destiny was first used in 1845 in the Texan exile.

2.Manifest Destiny expressed belief that Anglo- Saxon mission to expand their civilization.

3.Anglo-Saxon heritage made America fit , and had the nation’s Manifest Destiny to extend its influence beyond the shores.

John Welsh

U.S.A Map

To draw every point of view.

Manifest Destiny

It is all of the country and the territory that is there.

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Mr. Bett

  1. People settled from shore to shore.2. Land stolen from mexico. 3. Moved Indians to certain territory. 4. Forced Indians to walk 800 miles known as The Trail of Tears. 5. Santa Ana was stolen from Mexico.

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