Keep High School Sports

By: James Kyd

Sports Influence The Way Teenagers Live Their Lives

Playing sports benefits young men and women by giving them realistic expectations in order to achieve success in the real world. Research shows that schools who offer more sports programs produce higher test scores and graduation rates. Although some believe that high school sports should be taken away because sports have recently become out of hand, sports should be preserved because of the life lessons and social skills learned by participating in these various sports programs and how it will carry over into any profession.

Do Sports Need to Be Eliminated Entirely?

A recent incident at a New Jersey high school charged seven individuals of hazing and the sexual assault of younger football players that led to their entire season being cancelled. High school sports offer a lot for student-athletes from playing for school pride to becoming the best you can be. Using baseball for an example, when you turn a double play or hit the ball to the opposite field it takes several factors into consideration in order for this to happen. To play this sport individually, it takes chemistry, focus, and leadership if you want to be successful.
Benefits of High School Athletics

Coach Aubry- Head Football Coach for Joliet West

  • "T.O.I." or Team Over Individual
  • "When times get tough, it's the people around you who are counting on you to get the job done."
  • Preaches the idea of getting it done the right way, the first time.