The Mothman

Strong enough to make a bridge fall

How it started

The Mothman was first sighted in 1967 in an old WWII bunker area around Point Pleasent, Virgina. The bunker was a local hangout for teenagers. A group of teens claimed to have saw a big bird like creature fly over them. The next night a sister and brother went to prove that it was a fake. They ended up getting attacked by the creature. It is said that the creature appears before disasters. A few days later, the silver bridge collapsed, killing around 46 people. People living near the bridge think the Mothman is to blame.


It is claimed to be 6ft.10in. with a fifteen foot wing span. All the reports on the mothman are about the eyes. Huge, glowing, bright red eyes. It is attracted to light like a moth. It likes to hang around old bridges.

Pictures of the Mothman

How does the mothman act when around people


All of the incounters have been in one spot. The mothman acts aggresivley because I think ot's trying to scare people away from its territory. It also seems curious about humans because it doesn't know what we are. I don't believe the mothman is real because there is no really close up, clear picture of it and there is no evidence that enyone had an incounter.


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