A Trip of a Life Time!!!


You can have so much fun in Paris, France, going to the Eiffel Tower, eating at cool restaurants and cafe's, and going to awesome attractions! An attraction I suggest is Norte Dame de Paris, it is a fun place to take awesome pictures!

Cheap prices for awesome hotels!!

I suggest staying in a hotel called Studio Meuble! It costed about $960 for a classic double room for 2 people to stay in for 7 days! You can eat breakfast there every morning at the hotel because they had free breakfast! When I went I usually went to one attraction each day or maybe two if there was time, but I also had a lazy day where I didn't go out. You can take lots of pictures and plan to print them out when you get home to share with all your friends! You may feel like a tourist because they wore a slightly different style, but they has the same stores!