Depression Today

A very subtle issue not many are aware about...

What IS Depression?

Well, let me tell you a little story about a little issue that everyone eventually suffers from called Depression. Perhaps you've heard of it, or perhaps you haven't. Well, Depression is a mood disorder in which a person who feels it begins to feel a sort of melancholia- a sadness of sorts, as well as a severe hopelessness, or even fear. When a person is depressed, they are oftentimes referred to as feeling "down in the dumps" or even "blue." The symptoms of said ailment include, but aren't limited to a sudden sadness, a lack of interest in the things a person used to enjoy, constant fatigue, and even a worrying loss of appetite. The feeling of depression is believed to stem from many things, such as a lack of certain natural chemicals in the body, hormones conflicting, or even depression being a trait passed down within a family's genes.
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How does Depression affect Teenagers?

You see, depression is something that many teenagers begin to feel around the time they reach puberty, in which their hormones often conflict with their moods and cause them to be depressed. A serious issue often associated with depression is suicide. The rate of teenagers committing suicide has more than quadrupled since the 1950s, but has since recently begun to plateau, or flatten out, although the rate is still high. Not only is the danger of suicide something to really be worried about, but also the effect it has on other people. When another person witnesses or hears about depression or suicide, they themselves are more likely to become depressed or commit suicide.
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How common is depression in teens, and in whom?

Depression is a rather common occurrence, actually. Did you know that it affects girls more often that it affects boys? The reason for that is because the Testosterone in boys causes them to be more social and less caring about what others think of them, whereas the Estrogen in girls causes them to care about what others think and be prone to anxiousness. Another issue that teenagers have is that their depressions cause them to replay embarrassing or saddening moments in their lives, drastically dropping their moods. Overall, Depression is not a little issue that can just be ignored. As you can tell, it affects the entire world on a global scale. As people learn more about the effects and symptoms of depression, perhaps new forms of medication and help will be established.

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