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Man Dies After Hitting His Head

Frank McBride was found dead on August 20th, when his daughter, Petunia Petersen, stopped by his house in the woods to check on him. When she arrived at 1307 Leprechaun Lane in Wisner, NE, she was greeted by a terrible sight. “I wanted to see if he was okay, since there was a storm the night before. When I got there, he was eerily still on the floor, and a broken lamp was beside him,” said Petunia after bursting into tears. Detectives eventually came to the conclusion that Frank McBride died from hitting his head when trying to get out of his rocking chair, and the blow resulted in death. His funeral will be held on August 25th, for anyone wishing to attend. Petunia Petersen and her family will be held in our prayers.

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Sea Lion's In Danger

When you think of an endangered species, the first thing that may come to mind might be a tiger or bald eagle. However, the sea lion is also endangered, and the threat against them is very real.

Sea lions, along with seals and whales, are a part of a group called pinnipeds. Pinniped means fin-footed in Latin, and sea lions are indeed fin-footed. Their sleek bodies and powerful fins allow the sea lions to move gracefully through the water. Though they may look graceful under the waves, sea lions can weigh quite a bit. The largest of the sea lion’s is the Steller sea lion. Due to the blubber on their bodies some male Sea lions can weigh anywhere from 400 to 2,200 pounds. Sea lions have a lot of fat on their bodies so they can withstand the cold temperature of the waters they live in.

Fish and squid are a sea lion’s prey. Sea lions have to plunge far into the icy water to retrieve their meals. Some Sea lions can dive deeper than 600 feet, so a good layer of blubber is necessary to keep them warm. Their keen eyesight also comes in handy when searching for prey. Sea lions have large eyes that enable them to see clearly underneath the water. The Sea lions do hunt, but they can also be hunted. Adult Sea lions are too large to be prey for most animals, but younger Sea lions are targeted by sharks and killer whales. Even adult sea lions are in danger when it comes to humans. Disease, human hunting, and commercial fishing are some of the things sea lions must face. These are also the reasons the Sea lions are endangered.

Sea lions can also be found in a circus or zoo, but shockingly trained Sea lions enjoy it. Tame Sea lions are proven to like the attention from performing. Laws have been passed banning the hunting of Sea lions in certain places around the world, and sea lions are slowly becoming less and less endangered with the help of humans.
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Crossy Road

The app crossy road is not only favored by me, but people all over the world enjoy it. Crossy Road is played by tapping your screen to make your character of choice cross a street. This sounds easy enough, but animated cars continuously cross at different speeds. To top it off, if you wait too long to cross you have to start over. Crossy Road can be repetitive, but the daily challenges always make it more exciting. The infinite amount of adorable characters, and the different biomes that come with them always keep me coming back. Also, we all love the thrill that comes with unlocking a secret character! The best thing about Crossy Road is that it’s free in the app store. Anyone who wishes to download it can do so. However, I’m warning you now that it’s addicting!

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The Lion King

Do you ever find yourself running away from your problems? Simba, the prince of the pridelands, faces incredible difficulties. When Simba’s father is murdered by none other than his uncle, he flees. While running away, Simba meets Timon and Pumbaa, and they teach the young lion cub how to live in the jungle. They also teach him the ways of Hakuna Matata, a phrase that means no worries. Simba grows up with a worry-free lifestyle. When Nala, Simba's old best friend, comes searching for food in the jungle she attempts to hunt down Pumbaa. The lioness then encounters Simba, and after a moment of fighting the two soon realize that they were childhood buddies. Nala tries to convince Simba to return to the pridelands, and to take the role as King. However, Simba doesn't want to return to his past and face his uncle. When Simba refuses, a wise baboon named Rafiki visits him along with the spirit of his father. They tell him that the past does hurt, but he can either run or learn from it. Simba returns to the pridelands and takes on Scar, his uncle. Simba learns that his uncle killed his father, and he ends Scar by throwing him off Pride Rock into a fire below. The movie ends with Simba taking the role as King. I really liked this movie, because it gave a good message. I fell in love with the characters. The Lion King is one of the rare movies that I loved when I was younger, and I still love now.

The Lion King (Trailer)
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