American Dream


The American dream is to live life to the fullest. Also to set a goal for yourself and do whatever it takes to get there. Stay determined to your goal and try your best to get there.
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Book Summary;

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The Great Gatsby:

The great Jay Gatsby is in love with a girl named Daisy and will do whatever it takes to be with her, because that's his American dream. Though Daisy is confused and doesn't know what she wants to do which might leave you questioning.
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The Crucible:

A group of girls find themselves experimenting with witchcraft in the forest. Which leads to an intense trial and lies that they get caught up in but we tend to find more and more bits of secrets because only the girls know the truth and will do anything to protect themselves.
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The Scarlet Letter:

Hester is a women who was married and slept with other man when her husband as been absent for over 2 years.Hester had gotten pregnant so she had committed adultery so as her punishment she had to pin a red letter A on her wardrobe for the rest of her life.
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Young Goodman Brown:

Young Goodman Brown went on a trail that led to into the forest, when walking deeper into the forest he starts to hear and see things, evil things. A pink ribbon had fallen from above he knew it was Faiths ribbon so he starred to run deeper into the forest till he saw a dark figure...
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Raisin in the Sun:

Walter is wanting to change his lifestyle and is determined to do it, he is unsatisfied of where he is now but he doesn't want to challenge the system they have but Beneatha does. Mama has been saving money for Beneatha to go to medical school to become a nurse because that Beneatha's american dream. They had took charge and moved into a white neighborhood where many white people were upset about that and they even offered the Younger family money to move, it was took into consideration but you'll have to read to find out the decision,
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Death of a Salesman:

Willy Loman seems to be living in memories, dreams, and arguments which tends to push people away. I learned that its hard for Willy to accept change within himself and his surroundings.

The Great Gatsby Cast: