Ronen Santiago

Spartan Government

Spartans had an unusual government. Two kings would rule the land and they also had 28 council members. The Spartan's highest class was the aristocratic those were the kings and the military professionals. The next class was the middle class the artisans and farmers were in this class. The worst class was the helots those were the slaves of the Spartans. Those were the people that would do work for the soldiers. Men who were in the military would not get to see their family most of the time. The Spartan military had contained a helmet, chest shield, aspis or hoplon, and sandals.


Spartans were focused on their military. Training started at birth. The babies were inspected by the committee of elders and if the baby was weak it would be left to die. The young boys were taught reading and writing but the rest of their knowledge was focused on training.

Spartan food was rationed that made kids steal. If the kids were caught they were whipped. They only got whipped because they weren't sneaky enough. Common foods were meat and fish. Spartans also had bread, cheese, honey, milk, and many different kinds of fruits. Spartans also hunted they would kill any animal and never leave anything to waste.

Spartans believed in many different gods and goddesses. Spartans also had rituals for the gods and their religious beliefs. Spartans had a temple for Zeus and Athena. When one of their kings died horsemen would announce it. Then one of the kings sons became king, but if he didn't have any sons then the kings brother, cousin, or general would be the next king.

The Spartans daily lives for boys would be military training. The boys would be taken from their mother at age seven. The boys would live in military barracks for twenty three years. They were allowed to marry but they couldn't live with their wives.

Important Buildings

One important building to the Spartans are their military barracks. They serve for a training center for men in the military. Also they live in these barracks. Usually kids by age seven would live in the barracks. Some of the things they would learn were boxing, wrestling, and gymnastics.

Another important building was the Spartan Assembly Hall. This place is where all the Council of Elders and the Assembly came together. The temple of Artemis Orthia is another important building. This is where the Spartans worshiped the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.

Spartan Battles

The Battle of Thermopylae was fought between the Spartans and the Persian Empire. The battle went on for three days. This battle took place in August or September 480 B.C. at Thermopylae, Greece. The Persian Empire beat the Spartans and they gained control of Boeotia.

The Battle of 300 Champions was fought between the Argos and the Spartans. This battle was called 300 Champions because each side picked 300 of their best men and fought against each other. There was three men left one Spartan and two Argives. This battle was taken place in Thyrea, Greece.

Interesting Facts

  • The Spartans were thought to have the best ground troops in Greece
  • Life in Sparta was to produce warriors
  • Spartan boys started in the military at age seven
  • Any weak babies were thrown off a mountain or left to die
  • Only Spartans that died in battle wold have their names engraved on their gravestone