Wind energy

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Definition of sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is natural energy created by nature. There is sun,wind,geothermal,bio energy, hydro power, ocean energy, green power and fuel cells. Sustainable energy can be replaced un-like human made energy.
Energy 101: Wind Power

What is wind energy?

Wind energy is amazing, it lasts forever and it never ever runs out. Wind energy is obviously powered by wind , that's why it is called wind energy.Using wind power as been around for so long so what really is wind energy. Making wind energy is hard even is a wind farm they make alot of energy.Also Wind energy is used to power generated electricity, by using wind turbins.


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Why is wind power useful or important?

Did you know in 1997 wind power only generated 0.1% of the worlds electricity, in 2008 that increased to 1.5% and in 2010 it increased to 2.5%. Without wind power we will not have wind farms in Australia or anywhere. People say wind energy is important because it doesn't harm nature unlike man made energy. Some people say that wind energy on or near location can power the world 6-12 time faster. Do you think wind energy is important.


why should we use wind power?

1. Wind energyis a very safe and clean.

2.wind energy doesn't harm the enviroment.

3.wind energy is renewable so it is reuseable unlike man made energy.

4.wind energy relay only on simple mechanical processes.

5.Wind energy never ever runs out.


Where wind energy is used?

Places where wind energy is used are USA,India,Germany,France,Spain,The United Kingdom,China,Denamark, Italy and portugal


How wind energy works?

Wind power works the exact opposite as a fan, instead of using electricity wind turbine powers by using wind which powers electricity.When wind turns the blade, the blades bibliography:one note