The Memory Keepers Daughter

The memory Keepers Daughter has the same theme in the novel, and in the film, the need for children with disabilities to be accepted by society as normal people. Yet both reach that theme differently.

Most movies are made differently than how the book was written, but normally there are only small changes, The Memory Keepers Daughter, has many differences between the novel and the film

Key Differences

The novel The Memory Keepers Daughter contains much more detail and thought than the film. The novel has a moment when Norah, the doctors wife, unwraps the camera she got for him and takes it back to their old house to take pictures, and she ends up getting in a car accident because she was driving while intoxicated. This was a big part missing from the film and its so important because it shows whats gone missing Nd how she wants to capture what used to be by taking pictures of their old house and it also characterizes her as an alcoholic. Yet, in the film there is only one time she drinks a little too much and it doesn't show much significance to the story at all.

There is a moment in the novel that I find to be significant and that is when Phoebe gets stung by a bee and is taken to the doctors, while she is there the nurse mentions her condition and causes Caroline to get upset, as well as Al, and this is when she realizes how much he loves her. This is significant because it connects Paul and Phoebe in a way, and shows a big moment in Caroline's and Phoebe's lives.

The movie got rid of a few characters like Caroline s roommates, Dorothy and Leo. These are two significant characters that take roll in the second half of the book, they provide a home and a job for Caroline and her "daughter" Phoebe, but in the movie, it just jumps directly to Caroline living with Al. The film also doesn't talk about Caroline and Al getting married until later on, so it's just kind of there for you to assume. Skipping a whole chapter of their lives. I felt like the bond and background of the book was missing from the film. It just didn't feel the same because it was missing all of these moments, I felt disconnected.


I think the director approached the film in the way he did because he didn't want to put too much detail, but he still wanted to get the same theme across. He was probably focusing more on one theme then the several themes the book had as a whole. I don't think it was the betterment for the work though. The novel was much better than the film and gave more details and background information, and details to keep you interested whereas the book just wanted to capture just enough to get the point across.

Other Opinions

After looking up how other people felt about both the film and the novel of, The Memory Keepers Daughter, I noticed that more people favored the book because the film left too much detail out of the actual book. Everyone knows the book are always better than the movie based off of it. Some people didn't even like the film nor the novel.