Scott Boro Trial


The 9 African American Boys Charged

Haywood Patterson, Orville Gilley, Clarence Norris, Roy Wright, Clarence Darrow, Samuel Leibowitz, Thomas Knight Jr., Willie Roberson, and William Callahan.

Who are these men?

The African American men found guilty for molesting 2 girls.

How many were found guilty?

Four men were freed, and five were still inprisoned. One of the woman admitted that she only recognized six out of the 9 boys, then later another on of the boys became free because they found him not guilty.

What really happened?

A alleged gang rape of two white girls by nine black teenagers on a Southern Railroad on March 25, 1931.  Over the course of the two decades that followed, the struggle for justice of the "Scottsboro Boys," as the black teens were called, made celebrities, launched and ended careers, wasted lives, produced heroes, opened southern juries to blacks, exacerbated sectional strife, and divided America's political left.

Who were the victims?

The victims were two mill workers from Huntsville, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. One of the girls said  that they had been raped by a gang of twelve blacks with pistols and knives.  In the jail that March 25th, Price pointed out six of the nine boys and said that they were the ones who raped her.