Lack of field trips at school

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Money for field trips

Schools have about 1 field trip a year. Normally, they are educational and fun. But schools can't go to certain places or can't go on more than one field trip a year due to lack of money. Schools should have more fundraisers so there can be more field trips and the students can be happier.

Students choice

The students should be able to choose where they want to go on a field trip. They should all tell the teachers exactly where they want to go like Animal Kingdom or Seaworld. When the faculty chooses a place to go, some students might not like that place or won't want to go there so not a lot of people end up going. If the students choose where they get to go, most likely more kids will go on the trip and have a fun time. When the students choose, they will be happy and spend the amount needed to go on the field trip.

The more the better

When there are more field trips (especially educational ones), the students and maybe even the teachers can learn more. The students can apply what they learn to everyday life. Field trips aren't always fun, but if they're educational, students will learn more in the long run.