Some Information About Morphine

By: Mariah Hallier

What Is It?

Morphine is an Opiate drug. Opiate are drugs such as those derived from the opium plant that are obtainable only by prescription and are used to relieve pain. Morphine, being much stronger than some drugs such as codeine, is prescribed to treat severe pain, though it's usually only used for a short time. Unfortunately Morphine has it's drawbacks, like every other drug. The following are common signs of drug abuse.

What's The Difference?

Social Use, Dependence, Addiction?

Social use of a drug is generally to enhance their enjoyment while out with people or otherwise. Dependence on a drug occurs when a person has an urge to use a certain drug and cannot function normally in it's absence. Addiction is similar to dependence, but it's effects are much stronger. When a person becomes addicted to a drug, they will have a strong urge to urge to use the substance without cease, and cannot stop. Often times, people who are addicted to a drug will continue using it, in spite of the negative affects it could have on their bodies.

Resources For You

The following institutions are here to help any Morphine addicts, teenager, or otherwise: Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS), Assurant, Unicare, United Health Care, Anthem, Carefirst, Asuris Northwest Health, Golden Rule, Celtic Insurance, Fortis, Health Net, Kaiser, Vista, Shelter, Wellpoint, Tri Care, Accordia and Medicare.

You can also call (877) 640-1943 to speak with and Addiction Treatment Consultant.