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December 2015

Where's Kim?

November 30-December 3 - SPE

December 7-11 - GWE

December 14-17 SPE

December 18 - SPE (am)/GWE(pm for PD)

Want to do something powerful with Chromebooks? Consider coding!

I have worked with Kindergarten at Summit Pointe doing very basic coding through and would love to support any teacher at ANY grade level in exploring this amazing tool.

Coding teaches critical thinking and problem solving (and kids have so much fun they don't even realize that they are learning!)

The curriculum and lessons through give you everything you need to offer this experience to your students.

Want to know more? Check out the video below.

Want to take it on together? Send me an email!'s elementary school courses overview
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Individual Reading Conferences

In librarianship, there are some central tenets, one of which is:

Every reader his or her book. Meaning that for every reader there's a book that fits their needs, their interests, their abilities.

One of the activities that has been having a powerful impact related to that idea is scheduling individual reading conferences with students who need

  • to be challenged with more difficult reading material, but also staying within the confines of what is grade level appropriate
  • to be supported
  • to be inspired, if they are reluctant
  • to find a new series
  • to branch out with a new genre, if they seem stuck
  • to explore fiction
  • to explore nonfiction
  • or anything else focused on their personal growth as a reader

I have scheduled several of these this year and love connecting with kids at a time when we can really talk about what they need.

If you have a student with whom you would like me to meet, please just send me an email with their name, a little summary of what you think they might need, and what time of day is best for me to pull them.

I'll schedule the conference (sending you an invitation in Google Calendar) and follow up with you after the fact.