polish irish mexican by ryley


Things Poland brought to america are, going to church on Sunday mornings and that still stays here but everybody goes because they don't have to. They also brought some Poland dances but not a lot people did them so it didn't stay for to long of a time.

The Poland came here because of poor jobs in Poland mostly woman came because they were not getting paid enough money for sewing and cooking men came here for better jobs also for not getting paid enough and that's a political reason.


Irish came here because everybody was fighting about religion some were Catholics and some were not happy with that because they did not like Catholics and they started war and that's why the Irish immigrated to America mostly but some people came because they did not have enough land to have they share and that's a political reason. Some things Irish brought saint patty's day and mashed potatoes and Irish soups.


Mexicans came to America because they kept losing land when they had enough they just keep losing it. Some Mexican people wanted to make there own country and it was made later on called Mexico they they wanted that because they were originally born in Spain and they were called Spanish and there ancestors moved to Spain and then later on a family moved to Mexico and stayed again a family moved to America and settled here Mexican still live in Spain and Mexico too. Mexico also brought taco and they brought a holiday called cinco de mio.