Be aware of Autism! -Sierra Kollath

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Autism Facts

There are many genetic disorders, and Autism is one of them! There are a lot of things to know about Autism though. I am going to tell you 10 of the facts!

  1. Autism affects 1 in 68 children
  2. Fastest growing genetic disorder in the U.S.
  3. Autism happens more in boys than girls
  4. Autism costs a family 60,000 dollars a year
  5. There is no cure
  6. There is Autism therapy
  7. Autism is a neurological Disorder
  8. It makes socially connecting hard
  9. Between 30% and 50% of people with Autism with seizures
  10. Autism is one of many genetic disorders

How Do You You Get Autism?

Doctors and other researchers haven’t fully discovered what causes Autism or what happens besides missing a chromosome. They believe it has something to do with the genes .Some researchers say it might be caused by viruses, allergies, or vaccines. They have not found out what really happens yet.Autism may be passed down from long ago, but one thing’s for sure. Autism is not contagious.


Doctors Help?

Well, another really hard thing about Autism is that you have to find a special doctor for help, and pay for an educator or therapist. It can cost 66,000 dollars a month to raise a kid with Autism.They are just like us though.

Job Description

Doctor- This doctor is the one whose patient comes in for a weekly or even daily visit.This is the person that evaluates, and helps him with his social connection with the world.

Therapist- This helper tries to connect with the child, and feel how he’s feeling This person also helps him understand what he is supposed to do. Basically just wants to understand how he is acting with the society too.

What’s Wrong With The Body?

When you have Autism you are missing a chromosome.

What Happens To Kids With Autism?

Kids with Autism have a life to live like us. They are not different, and should not be treated differently. People with Autism just tend to have therapy and doctor visits plus school. That’s all they see it as, but if you can help a kid with Autism socially by being their friend, what would happen if you changed that kids life. He would see the world like us, and live a kids life.