By Perla Munoz

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Country basics

The name of the country is Cyprus and the capital Nicosia. The Cyprus Flag represents hoped for peace between the people in Turkey and the Greeks.


Cyprus is in the continent of Europe and surrounded by the countries Egypt, Syria Lebanbon, and Isreal. Major landforms are that the country has Mountains, Volcanos, and has an arid climate. Large bodies of water include the Blue Lagoon, Kannos Bay, Kyrenia Harbor, Coral Bay, Ayia Napa Harbor, Larnaka Salt Lake and Oroklini lake.


Cyprus has a limited government. The leader of the country is NIkos Annstasiades, he was elected by the citizens. The responsibilities of the citizens is to Pay Taxes, Cast an informed vote,serve on juries, serve in the military, volunteer for activities, and also to obey the laws.


Cyprus is a poor country and uses Euro as money. The main imports are vehicles, fuel, cigarettes and the exports are citrus, dairy, and potatos. The life expectancy in Cyprus is 82, birth rate 11.41/1,000 people, literacy rate is 15 years or older can read and write, and drinking water was 100% improved.


Teenagers in Cyprus wear jeans with a coordinating shirt. Women wear denim clothes and cotton leggings. Men wear black lose knee pants and black boot's. Major languages spoken in Cyprus are Greek, Trukish, and English. The main religion in the country is orthodox Christian. A popular dish in Cyprus is a hebabs and contain pieces of meat, organs, lemon and pita bread.


The general weather conditions are temperate, hot, and dry summers. The yearly rainfall is 450 millimeters to 1,100 millimeters and the average yearly temperature is 27c-36c degrees. The climate in Cyprus effect the country by creating global warming, increasing water sources, and hydropower becomes stronger.


515BC-545BC the country Cyprus was under control by Egypt. Another Invasion came in July 20, 1974 by a more up north country, Turkey.

Compare and Contrast

Our language is different then the language in Cyprus. The language in Cyprus is Greek and Turkish. In the United states they use the language, English. Religion I also one of our differences from Cyprus. Most of America has the religion of being Protestent. Cyprus is mostly all orthodox Christian. Both of Cyprus and the U.S. Speak English and they also have the second biggest religion as Roman Catholic. The government is different because Cyprus is a republic Country and the U.S. is more of a democradic infermatio

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