Poetic Techniques

Rhythm & Meter


Poetry can be used in a thousand different ways depending on how you use it. It is verbally used to experience ideas, and emotions in a vivid and imaginative way. It Uses Literary techniques such as metaphors, meter, and rhyme.


Rhythm is a quality produced by the repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables. Rhythm is used in all forms of language, both written and spoken, but is particularly important when used in poetry.


The measured, pattern arrangement of syllables to stress and length in a poem. Authors provide variation in rhythm to keep a poem from becoming repetitious or too predictable. Also the particular kinds of rhythm found in a stanza.

How Is Rhythm Used In Poetry ?

Rhythm implies that that certain words are used more force-fully than others, and may-be even held a little longer than others.

Meter applies to poetry because it uses particular kind of rhythm in a poem such as metaphors, meter, and rhyme. Without meter it would just sound like a regular conversation.

Poetic Meter and Rhythm
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