By Norah and Jason


French explorers were the first explorers in Wisconsin. Wisconsin was home to many American Indians. In 1783, the United States took over the land and now there are not as many Native Americans living in this area. Wisconsinites don't like slavery.

Wisconsin has 3 governmental branches: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. Wisconsin was also named after our fourth president.

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Fun Facts

Wisconsin is a Chippewa word for gathering waters.

Wisconsin is known for its good dairy. There are more than 75,000 dairy farms. They have such good dairy that they have a cheese festival every single year!

Their state bird is a robin and their state fish is the muskie.

Wisconsln has the biggest ski competition in the winter.

Wisconsin NFL team is the Packers - they have competed in 4 Super Bowls!

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Wisconsin is filled with lots of nature. lt is covered in forests, cliffs, and bodies of water. lt is part of the Superior upland and you can have a lot of outdoor fun doing all kinds of activities across the land. The state of Wisconsin is part of the midwest.
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Entertainment and Recreation

In Wisconsin you can do lots of fun things every January is a snowmoblle derby and there is a cross country ski race that is 34 miles long. Wisconsin is also very famous for their large waterparks. People travel from all around the world for the waterparks. Circus World Museum is located in Baraboo, WI and the Ringling Brothers Circus started in Barabooin 1884. Football season is very exciting for Wisconsin fans and the Packers Hall of Fame is located in Green Bay. The Green Bay Packers have won three Super Bowls!
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