Drinking Kills

Is it worth taking the risk to get drunk?

Health problems from drinking

Alcohol effects many health issues that can slowly destroy your body. Your ears may make sounds hard to determine where they are coming from. Eyesight becomes fuzzy and your eyes may have hard times adjusting to light. The main organ in your body the heart can slow down your heart rate, can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks in later life from immense drinking. Overall drinking is a bad habit and deadly.
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GA Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys MONTLICK & ASSOCIATES on ABC News re underage drinking accidents

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is one of our countries strictest laws. Yet people are not phased by it. Many people who are drunk and driving risk their lives and any passenger in the car with them. In 2010 alone 32,885 people died in car crashes. Out of all that 10,228 people, 31% died from drinking and driving. The driver would have slow reaction times to brakes and red lights. Their vision would also be blurry and maybe hard to see incoming traffic resulting in death. Most of the people who drink and drive are teens. Mostly on holidays like New Years EVE and Saint Patrick's day teens would get wasted and probably get in cars not in control, and drive with their friends and risking their live all just from that one mistake.
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How to Test to See if Your Drunk

Usually police would tell on the road if someone is drunk from their movements to how they talk. Their speech would be slow and slurred and be dizzy. They would have trouble hearing you or react slowly to questions. But if you wanna know how much they've been drinking then officers would use breathalyzers to show how much you have been drinking from a single breath. Then officers would get you B.A.C (blood alcohol level). If it is too high you would be arrested and if its under the limit your left with a warning.

Senator Fuschillo calls for mandatory jail time for repeat DWI offenders- News 12 Long Island

Jail Time From Drinking

Everyday drivers across the U.S are being arrested for drunk driving. Drivers can also get arrested for vehicular homicide where a driver recklessly hit and killed an innocent person under the influence of drinking. If your are arrested you will be taken to the nearest police station to take your mug-shot and fingerprints. Even people for their first time drinking would have their driver licenses taken away for a period of time. First time offenders would also face one to two days in jail. And if it is continuously repeated your jail time would be even more expanded.
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