Arthur Miller

By: Channing Fang and Nikita Nasta


Arthur Miller (October 17th, 1915 - February 10th, 2005) is considered one of the leading American playwrights of the 20th century. Born in Harlem, New York, Miller belonged to a family of immigrants with Polish and Jewish descent. His family lost majority of their wealth in the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Miller divorced Mary Slattery (his first wife and former college sweetheart with whom he had two children, Jane Ellen and Robert) in 1956 and married the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe less than a month later. They were married for about 4 years before they got divorced around 1961. Marilyn Monroe passed away the next year and in 1962, Miller married an Austrian-born photographer by the name of Inge Morath. They had two children named Rebecca and Daniel. In 2002, Miller's third wife had passes away and the famous playwright began a relationship with a 34 year old painter by the name of Agnes Barley. They were soon engaged, however Miller died before he was able to walk down the aisle with her. Arthur Miller suffered from heart failure after battling cancer and pneumonia and unfortunately passed away at the age of 89 years old.

Notable Works

  • 1944 - The Man Who Had All the Luck (Broadway Debut)
  • 1947 - All My Sons (ran for almost a full year on Broadway. received Tony Award for Best Author)
  • 1949 - Death of a Salesman (won the Pulitzer Prize, New York Drama Critics' Circle Award, and six Tony awards)
  • 1953 - The Crucible (Tony Award Winner)

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