Hate List

by Jennifer Brown

What Happens?

Five months ago, Nick Levil (Valerie Leftman's boyfriend) shot a bunch of people in the school, most of whom were on the hate list him and Valerie made. Valerie stopped the shooting by jumping in front of Jessica Campbell and getting shot in the leg, and then Nick shot himself afterwards. Valerie was in the hospital for awhile, and since her mom thought she was suicidal -which she wasn't- Valerie was move to the psychiatric wing in the hospital. And after showing "progress" in recovery, she was let out and went to see a therapist, Dr. Hieler every week. A year later, Valerie has the choice to go back to school. Dr. Hieler tells her to go with it because he knows she can make it through. Valerie goes back to school and everyone is acting as if she shot everyone -even her old friends-, although she didn't do anything. Jessica Campbell starts being nice to Valerie and eventually they become friends. Jessica convinces Valerie to get on the Student Council and help on the memorial project. One day after a stu-co meeting, Valerie needed a ride home, so she walked to her dad's office. She finds out that her father has been having an affair with his secretary Briley. When her mom finds out, she kicks Val's dad out of the house, and her dad lives in an apartment with Briley now. Jessica takes Valerie and the rest of her popular, preppy friends to a party, where Valerie was "babysat" by Josh then threatened with a gun by Troy. She ran off to the gas station and called her dad, who was enraged and yelled at her all the way to his house. After her first session with Dr. Hieler after the party, her mom gets told about the party, and her dad comes over to the house, then they start fighting about it. A couple days later, Valerie goes to visit Nick's grave for the first time since the shooting and unexpectedly sees Duce. When she gets home, she finds out that her mom called to police because she didn't know where Valerie went, and her dad was there all angry and enraged as usual, and Frankie gets off his chest what he's been holding in all the time. When Valerie gets out of a Stu-co meeting, she hears Ginny Baker tried to ax herself, and is now in the hospital, and Valerie goes to the hospital to visit her. Valerie sees a newspaper full of lies about everything at Garvin High and she goes to the Sun Tribune to confront Angela Dash, the journalist writing everything. Angela says that she just does her job, and she'll try writing the actual truth if her editors want her to. There's more that happens... read the book to find out!


This book doesn't have just one setting. It has multiple settings. Garvin High School, Valerie's house, The Hospital, Bea's Studio, and Dr. Hieler's office are the main settings.

Getting To Know The Author: Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown grew up in a suburb called Lee's Summit in the Kansas City-area. She never wanted to be a writer until 10 years ago. She likes to write humor books and make people laugh. Her connections to the book were family, relationships, school, and the feeling of grief. Her reason for writing the book? She got the song "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback stuck in her head overnight and then she saw Valerie. But most of the story was inspired by personal experience. She was a bullied kid in junior high and part of the first year of high school. She is also a mom with three kids.


Valerie Leftman is the main character (protagonist) in the book. She is the narrator of the story, and a very important character at that. She was Nick Levil's girlfriend, whom loved him very much. She wears a lot of black, and people called her "Sister Death".


Nick Levil is the antagonist in the book. He was Valerie Leftman's boyfriend. He liked Shakespeare books and plays, video games, and was also bullied by Chris Summers and many other people.

Other Characters:

  • Jessica Campbell is one of the popular chicks who bullied Valerie before the shooting, and is also the person who was saved by Valerie. She is important to the story because she tries to be friends with Valerie after the shooting, and she is one of the characters that pop up a lot.
  • Dr. Hieler was Valerie's therapist she had to go to every week after getting out of the psychiatric wing in the hospital. Dr. Hieler is important because he listens to her vent, helps her make decisions, and is just there to talk.
  • Valerie's Mom is, obviously, Valerie's mom. She is important because she contributes to some of Valerie's thoughts, and she is a big part of Valerie's life.


Book Recommendations:

  • 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher
  • Story Of a Girl by Sara Zarr
  • The List by Siobahn Vivian

Personal Recommendation/Review

I thought the book "Hate List" was interesting. It was also good. I would recommend it for people who like to read about what happens to people after horrific events. I would recommend it to those people because that's basically what the story is about; Valerie's life after the shooting. It's a long book, but a good read.