December 11, 2015

Mission Statement

As members of Ballardville, we recognize that each student in ASPIRE is unique and different in his or her own way. We promise to:

  • help each other learn and excel as a group in class;
  • be kind, respectful, and responsible to our teacher, each other, our classroom, and ourselves;
  • have a positive attitude, follow the Golden Rule, and make sure everyone feels like they fit in;
  • put aside our differences and cooperate with each other respectfully;
  • show kindness in and out of the classroom and treat others with care.

We expect our teacher to challenge us in a way that will help each of us excel in our learning. We like to be challenged and to think outside the box.

Our personal expectations are to be respectful and responsible. We will encourage others to be helpful and not hurtful. We will pull each other up when in need, and will help each other improve.

Dates to Remember

December 12- Breakfast with Santa

December 15- Spelling Bee Pre-Test; Math Olympiad #2; Lunch with the Principal

December 16- Pajama Day

December 17th – Holiday Party 1:45-2:45

December 18th – Sing along & End of 9 weeks; Early Dismissal 11:45

December 21st – January 4th – Winter Break

January 5th- Students Return

Classroom Parties- Sign Up and Important Information

Our classroom Christmas party is Thursday, from 1:40-2:40. Please sign up to bring items with this link.

If your child has special dietary needs, please consider sending treats/food that you know are safe for your child.

We do have several severe allergies in the 4th grade. Because of this, we ask that no homemade treats/foods be donated for the party. I know this sounds harsh, but after a meeting with our nurse this week, we are discovering that many well-intentioned people's substitutes for familiar allergens (gluten, peanuts, etc.) can be just as dangerous. Coconut oils or flours and cross contamination from home kitchens are just a few of the accidental ingestions/exposures we have seen.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we work to keep ALL of our Gators safe!

Class Gift Exchange

Today students drew names for our class gift exchange.

I will be sending home materials (paper and frames) and instructions Monday, but the overview is that each student is to find an inspirational quote for their chosen person.

This quote will be written or printed and glued onto a piece of card stock, decorated, and placed in a picture frame. We will present these to each other at our party on Thursday.

The only thing students are to do this weekend is locate a quote they think would fit, encourage, or inspire their person.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Hour of Code

This week our class participated in the Hour of Code initiative which focuses on computer science and is designed to demystify code and get students interested in computer engineering. Our class had a wonderful time working on various coding apps/websites. Students were asked to evaluate at least 5 coding apps/websites with criteria they developed. These evaluations will be used to create a demonstration of their highest rated app/website. These evaluations will be used to create a demonstration of their highest rated app/website. We will have a showcase to share our creations with each other and invited guests! Here is a link to the GCISD recommended coding sites if you want to try too! Please ask your child about their "hour of code" experience this week in our classroom.

Class Objectives for Next Week

Math - Problem Solving: Multiplication & Division

(Division & Multiplication Strategies, Rounding to Estimate)

Reading - Determining the Main Idea

Writing - Journal Writing; Of the Days; Persuasive Writing

Social Studies/Science - Native American Legends

Of the Days

Monday- affable; cresc; make a mountain out of a molehill

Tuesday- adorn; aug; make heads or tails out of something

Wednesday- anxious; cor; march to the beat of a different drummer

Thursday- ambidextrous; dict; mind over matter- amorphous; dent; miss the boat

Thank You for a Great Field Trip!

Thank you to those of you who took the time to chaperone this week's field trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing! It was my first time there as well, and I was impressed by the amount of information and exhibits we saw!

If you are interested in visiting with your family, the tours are FREE and are open to the public. I understand that during Spring Break there are additional activities for kids to enjoy!

We had a great time thanks to the support and number of parents who helped!

We Need Bulk Snacks!

We have run out of the bulk snacks that were donated near the beginning of the year!

So, if you would like to donate, goldfish (especially the whole wheat cheddar), pretzels, cheese crackers, and fruit snacks are great!

We would really appreciate any donations!!

Spelling Bee Pre-Test is Tuesday

The pre-test for our school Spelling Bee will be held on December 15th in class. All students in our class will take it. Any child who receives a qualifying score may participate in the Glenhope Spelling Bee. This will be held on January 22nd. All students who qualify for the Spelling Bee will be notified before our winter break.

Happy Birthday Patrick S December 12th!