How To Prevent Child Suffocation

Child Proofing the Home

Preventing Suffocation During Sleep

 Never place an infant face-down on soft surfaces such as a waterbed, comforter, sheepskin rug, or mattress cover. Never put an infant in a crib or on a bed with soft bedding, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or plush toys. Avoid pillow-like bumpers and consider removing crib bumpers altogether. Never put an infant down on a mattress covered with plastic or on or near a plastic bag. Make sure your baby's crib mattress is the right size and fits snugly in the crib. This keeps a baby from getting caught between the mattress and the crib sides. Make sure your baby's crib sheet fits snugly on the mattress to keep it from coming off and getting wrapped around your baby's head. You also can buy crib sheet holders to keep sheets in place. Don't put an infant to sleep on an adult bed. If you practice cosleeping, be sure to follow the safety rules. Infants should not bed share with other children.

Don't Play With Plastic!

Plastic Bag & Balloon Safety

Promptly dispose of plastic shopping bags and plastic dry-cleaning bags. Tie several knots in each bag before throwing it out.Keep all plastic bags, including garbage bags and sandwich-style plastic bags out of the reach of young kids.When cleaning up after a birthday or holiday party, pay special attention to all plastic bags from packaging. Collect them and throw them out immediately.Keep balloons, including uninflated balloons, out of reach and immediately pick up and safely dispose of pieces of broken balloons.