Get your prefix "EXTRA"!!!

By: Brian Busogi


Do any of your children seem grumpy? lazy? or grouchy? If so then buy the prexfix extra! the prefix extra makes your children extrahappy, extraenergized, and extraobedient.

Comparing and The Story

This product is way better than the extra-5000 because the prefix extra lasts longer. The prefix extra is a cube shaped box that when you open it makes you happy. The key is that when you open the box this special gas is released that makes you happy and its 99.8% safeThis product was invented because I was curious to find a way to make kids happy more often. Then the "Prefix Extra" was born!!!

Who wants to buy it?

Most parents want to buy this product for their children to make them less grouchy and more happy. Parents with teenagers buy this product the most because teenagers are very moody and the "Prefix Extra" fixes everything.....99.8% of the time.

Why this product is pure awesomeness?!

If you don't have this product then you are lame. EVERYONE HAS IT! Even ask Angelina Jolie. She uses the "Prefix Extra" on her 6 kids and she says it makes her life way more easier and serene. This product is so reliable because it works 99.8% of the time! This product is the best on the market!