Eternal Resting Funeral Home

Factors and challenges faced when planning a funeral

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We Honor the Individual

We will go above and beyond to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are honored. We offer burial services as well as cremations services. Would the individual like friends to attend, or only close family members? Would they be supportive of a donation of money? Are there any special things the individual would like to take place during the service such as prayers, music, or eulogies? Whatever it is, we will make sure that our services reflect your wishes.

We Value Family

We have partnered with Legacy Touch to offer families special, personalized keepsakes to that exceed expectations. To learn more about these keepsakes, please visit

We offer grief support resources to families during their time in need. The following articles offer many great suggestions for helping others and yourself with grief:

Helping yourself heal when your spouse dies:

Helping yourself heal when your child dies:

Helping your family when a member is dying:

We Consider all Cultures

Our staff is well educated about the various cultures and customs, and it is important to us to honor those customs in the services we provide. We tailor all services to properly reflect the rituals and customs of the deceased.

We Can Assist you Financially

We know during your time of loss, financial burden is the last thing you need to deal with. We offer payment plans based upon what you can afford. You will not need to worry about any initial costly fees. We will work with you to come up with the best plan of payment possible. We have your best interest in mind, always.

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