by Chance Reagan


country: Austria.

capital: Vienna.

the country that it is close to it is: Germany,Italy,Czech republic.

Austria has a federal republic gov,limited.

what is their main import or export?: (i.e. oil, crops,etc.) machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts,metal goods.

The major language are 88.6 German,2.3 Turkish,2.2 Serbian.

The major Religions are 73.8 catholic,73.6 roman catholic,4.9 protestant.

The food they eat is they eat manly sea food.

the weather they have is they have cool winters,mostly mountain .

the wed sises i got on are,

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the Austria flag

the meaning behind the flag is a man how was in a war he was covered in blooded ever where beside his belt so when he tuck it off that is what it looked like