The followers are called Muslims.

For Islam, the common Holy Site is the Dome on the Rock. The city is called Jerusalem. The holy book is the Qur'an. The 6 key beliefs are; Belief in Allah, Belief in Angels,Belief in Holy Books, Belief in Sabbath, Belief in Prophets, Belief in Day of Judgement and Belief in Predestination. The practices and rituals are Shahadah- Declaration of faith, Salat- Prayer, Zakat- Giving a fixed proportions to a charity and Siyam- Fasting during the month of Ramadanm, Hajj –pilgrimage, or journey, to the city of Mecca at least once in lifetime. The place of worship is called a Mosque and they worship on Friday. The worship leader is called Imam. Ramadan is a time when Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight. Eidalfitr is a festival for the first day after ramadan. Abraham is the common figure for Islam, along with the other two religions. They are Monotheistic because they only believe in one God.

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