Salem Witches Vs. Twitching of 1939

Louisiana Twitching Epidemic of 1939:

In the Spring of 1939 a school in Louisiana had a massive case of twitching with their female students. It began after one girl experienced "Uncontrollable twitching" on her right leg. This happened during the homecoming dance. Her twitching attacks worsened over the next few weeks. Less then a month later her friends and class mates (Females Only) also started to have twitching episodes.
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Salem Witch Trials:

The Salem witch trials began in 1692 after a group of young girls said they were possessed by the devil. They accused local women of witchcraft. People through out Massachusetts began to believe in the witch craft. There was a court in Salem where all the cases were heard. If they said they were not a witch they would be hanged. If they admitted to being a witch they would not be hanged.
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