House of the Spirit of Ptah

By: Elleken Gabope Wilarks

Patria Rudiments

Our country is Egypt the name Egypt The Egypt comes from the Greek god Aegyptos which is the Greek pronunciation of the Egyptian name Hwt-Ka-Ptah, this means the House of the spirit of Ptah.

The capital of Aegyptos is Cairo, Al-Qahirah meaning the victorious in Arabic.

The flag from Egypt means Egypt's national emblem, the eagle of Saladin centered the white band.


The location is Africa, and the surrounding countries are Libya, Sudan, Jordan.

Low lying sand dunes are some major landforms exhibited in Egypt.

The major landmarks are Egyptian Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Saqqara.

Major bodies of water are the Nile river, Lake Nasser, and Alexandria-Cairo Waterway

How does the environment effect citizens life's: Land formation, soil, water access, and climate.

Government, Economy, and Culture


Egypt has a republican government

The president is Abdel Fattal el-sisi

The leaders are chosen by presidential election

Men have to work in businesses or government

Women have to testify in court


GDP: Poor

Money: Egyptian Pound

Main Export: Crude Petrolium

Life Expectancy: 70.91

Birth Rate: 75.2%

Literacy: 75.2%

Water Source: 2.81%


Clothing: Wool, Animal skins, Feathers, Flax

Language: Arabic

Music Type: Religious & folkloric

Holidays: Coptic Christmas, Coptic Easter, Revolution Day, Sinai Liberation Day

Religions: Muslim, Christian, and Orthodox

Food: Fava Beans & Garlic

Entertainment: Cruising The Nile River, Camel Rides & Exploring



Average Yearly Rainfall: 0.79 to 7.87

Average Yearly Temperature: 27 Celsius to 73 Fahrenheit

Climate Country Affects: It's so torrid people don't like being outside much


Valley of the Kings

King Tut

Compare and Contrast

Food: Fava Beans and Garlic VS. Hamburgers

Clothes: Traditional/ Dress VS. Modern Hip