Marksmen Minute

A Look Ahead to the Week

8th Grade Transition Meeting

There is a very important meeting for parents of 8th graders on Tuesday night in the auditorium at 6:30 p.m. Students and parents should attend. Students should bring their orange preliminary registration form with them. This will be the meeting for high school registration, diploma selection, and class selection for your freshman year.

Good Luck - Postseason Events

As we get into February, our winter sports are starting to hit their postseason events. We wish the best of luck to all participants!! This week, the wrestling team moves to their Regionals in Evansville, the girls swim team is has Sectionals at Jasper, the girls basketball team has Sectionals at Forest Park, the archery team has a major competition at our school, and the Skills USA Competition is this weekend for our students taking vocational classes.

Penny War - Special Olympics

The Polar Plunge Team is hosting a penny war in the library for high schoolers and in Mrs Weyer's room for junior high schoolers. Pennies are positive for your own grade and silver coins and dollar bills go in other grades' jars. The penny war lasts from February 1-11to help raise money for Special Olympics Perry County.


Hats off to the JAG crew for mauling the competition this past Friday at the CDC contest in Vincennes. They took home 5 first-places....more than any other school there!!

Weekly Stuff

From snow days to snooze days

I don't know about you, but my sleep schedule is still off track. I find myself pressing "snooze" on my alarm clock every morning, and the snow days last week certainly did not help me there. In order to help everyone out a little, I'm going to give some tips on how to get some well needed rest before school.

  1. This may be obvious, but keep a decent sleeping schedule (I enjoy going to bed around 10:00 or 10:30 on school nights).
  2. Exercise regularly. This doesn't mean you have to go out and run a mile every day. Just do some pushups or jumping jacks before you go to bed.
  3. Keep the bright lights off before you go to sleep. In the few hours before you're about to turn it in for the day try to only look at dim lights.
  4. Get your homework done early. Your brain needs time to wind down before going to sleep and something as stressful as homework will keep you awake and aware for a while.
  5. Do something relaxing before you go to bed. Drink some warm milk or tea, read a book, pet a cat. Do whatever you can to stay calm.

Bad Joke of the Week

What is a dog's favorite song?


Due to me being a horribly unfunny and unoriginal person, I will be looking up the "worst puns in the world" and using them for the joke of the week for the rest of the year. This can only be stopped by people sending in jokes for me to share on the minute. You have been warned...

Calendar Reminders (and home sports events)

Monday, February 01

Tuesday, February 02

  • Freshman registration night in auditorium at 6:30
  • Girls Basketball Sectional vs. Perry Central (at Forest Park) at 5:30pm

Wednesday, Febrary 03

Thursday, February 04

  • Homeroom Meetings: Polar Bear plunge - room 619, Hacky sack - PE gym, Pep club - auditorium, Robotics - room 614
  • HS Girls Swimming Sectional Prelims at Jasper

Friday, February 05

  • Washington DC payment for February in office
  • Deadline to register for March 5 SAT at Tell City
  • Archery Contest in PE Gym
  • HS Girls Basketball Sectional Round 2 at Forest Park

Saturday, February 06

  • Archery Contest in PE Gym
  • HS Girls Swimming Sectional Finals at Jasper
  • Wrestling Regional at Evansville
  • V/JV boys basketball vs Mater Dei at 2:00
  • HS Girls Basketball Sectional Finals at Forest Park

Sunday, February 07

Menu (February 1-5)


  • Breakfast - Cinnamon toast, cereal, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwich, carrot & celery w/ dip, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Cheese omelet, bacon, toast, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Ravioli, green beans, lettuce wedge, bread stick, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Blueberry muffin, cereal, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Country fried steak w/gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, wheat bread, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Breakfast pizza, cereal, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Sausage, biscuits & gravy, hash browns, juice, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Pancakes w/syrup, sausage, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Ranch chicken wrap, french fries, lettuce/tomato, cookies, fruit/milk

Bad Joke answer

Dachshund through the snow.

If you have a joke that you want to submit, email it to and it might make it onto the Minute!