St. Teresa of Calcutta

August 11, 2021


We are asking that every family completes registration on PowerSchool by midnight on August 11. Students are unable to start school without this process complete. Please go to our webpage at for directions and additional forms. Please contact Heather or Debby if you are in need of assistance.

St. Teresa of Calcutta Employees

We give thanks for being blessed with a wonderful staff. Warmest welcome to our newest members and heartfelt gratitude to our returning school family:

Certified Staff Listing:

  • Principal Mrs. Kristin Kriener

  • Lead Teacher- Spillville Mrs. Jenni Busarow

  • Preschool- Calmar Mrs. Angella McIntyre

  • Preschool- Ossian Mrs. Michelle Brincks

  • Kindergarten Mrs. Kathy Becker

  • 1st Grade Mrs. Elizabeth Uhlenhake

  • 2nd Grade Mrs. Ruth Cox

  • 3rd Grade Mrs. Gretchen Conway

  • 4th Grade Mrs. Karol Kueker

  • 5th Grade Mrs. Karen DeMuth

  • 6-8th Grades Miss Kayla Bucheit

Mrs. Emily Elsbernd

Miss Nicole Langreck

  • 6th Grade Reading Mrs. Michelle Brincks

  • Music & Preschool Mrs. Katherine Gisleson

  • P.E. & Interventionist Mr. Mark Winings

  • Art & Gifted/Talented Mrs. Marie Monroe

Support Staff Listing:

  • Pastor Rev. Robert Gross

  • Director Child Care Center Mrs. Erika Schmitt

  • Business Manager Mrs. Debby Schmitt

  • Food Service Specialist Mrs. Heather Bullerman

  • Administrative Assistant Mr. Jergen Teslow

  • Technology Coordinator Mrs. Robin Timp

  • Social Worker Mrs. Heidi Bohr

  • Preschool paraeducator- Calmar Mrs. Karen Smith

  • Preschool paraeducator- Ossian Miss Jessie Forney

  • Preschool paraeducator- Ossian Miss Mary Conway

  • Paraeducator- Ossian Miss Jessica Denk

  • Paraeducator- Ossian Miss Christina Timp

  • Cook- Ossian Mrs. Sandy Timp

  • Substitute Cook- Ossian. Mrs. Bernadine Gander

  • Kitchen aid- Ossian Mrs. Michelle Ellingson

  • Cook- Spillville Mrs. Cathy Straube

  • Head Custodian Mr. John Busarow

  • Custodian Mr. Terry Bohr

  • Custodian & paraeducator Mrs. Jill Smith

  • After School Care Director Mrs. Angie McIntyre

  • SW Title I Reading Mrs. Jenny Larson

  • SW Special Education Mrs. Lynn Franzen

  • SW ELL Mrs. Jodi Cardo

  • SW Band Mr. Mr. Nathan Miller

  • SW Paraprofessional Mrs. Connie Bushman

Meet & Greet

We are very excited to see all of our students once again! Wednesday, August 18 will be our St. Teresa of Calcutta Meet & Greet at our Ossian site. The event will start at 6:30 with a required parent meeting to review expectations and meet our St. Teresa staff in the school gymnasium. Parents & students will be able to meet our teachers and support staff. This is also an opportunity to bring in school supplies and pay tuition. An ice cream social will follow in the school cafeteria. Please let our office staff know if you will need childcare during the meeting at our center next door. We will have playground supervision as well. The Spillville building will be open from 5-6 if you and your child would like to see their classroom. Please let me know if you are unable to attend and other arrangements can be made. Thank you.

Upcoming Events:

August 11 Registration deadline

August 18 6:30 Required Parent Meeting

August 23 K-8 first day of school

August 25 8:30 Mass- Ossian (teacher led)

August 26 8:30 Mass- Spillville (teacher led)

September 6 NO SCHOOL

September 7 Preschool begins