Designs of the theme park

In Disney World the parks there are little parks inside of the big park, there is Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. They all have different designs and characters to them based on their theme. Like in Tomorrowland there is a bunch of futuristic things like buzz light year and his little space aliens, restaurants, and characters based on the theme of it. In Fantasyland there is princes, princesses, old statues of kings and queens, castles, and royalty like designs. This is what basically gives these little sectors it's uniqueness and its non repeated designs in the park.

Employees of the theme park

Disney theme parks do not refer to their workers as employees but as cast members. Cast members are expected to answer questions with extra answers. So if a guest ask when is the parade he or she is supposed to give extra times, where the best spot is, and a place to grab a quick snack before the parade. Cast members are supposed to serve guest with a smile, they have to pick up any trash off the ground if they see any, and they can't say I don't know to a question. You can get fired by not picking up trash and not serving the guest needs. The cast members dress to their sector of the park or based on their rides.