Snow Leopard

By Savannah Walters

About the snow leopard

The snow leopard lives on cold mountain ranges and are capable of hunting down something three times its weight! Like Himalaya and Tibet sheep. they also hunt small animals like wild hares and some small birds. Snow leopards are hunters and scavengers and they will eat any meat they can find sometimes.

Types of food for the snow leopard


Where they live

Snow leopards live at high altitudes like 5,900 to 18,000 feet in the alpine mountain meadows, mountain steppes and forests in central Asia.

Why snow leopards are endangered

Snow leopards are endangered because mankind is killing them for fur and bones which in the market bring a lot of money.

Tracking the snow leopard

Some scientists put radio collars on snow leopards so they can tell where they go and where they are.


they can weigh up to 60-120 lb

there tails can grow up to 80-100 cm

there body is about 75-130 cm

they are slightly smaller than the other big cats in the world.


they eat whatever meat they can find so therefore they are scavengers and carnivores.

They mainly prey on Himalayan blue sheep.


In the wild there is an estimate of only 4080 to 6590.

In the zoos in the world there is about 600 to 700 of them

Life span

Snow leopards leave their den when they are 2-4 months old, but they leave their mom when 18-22 months old.

They live until 15-18 years old, but in captivity they can live to 21 years old.
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