Chancellor News and Notes

December 9, 2015

Happy Christmas Party day!

Working hard on all these tests, our kids are going to be a little squirrely the next few days, so be prepared! Multicultural crafts, musical programs, and the approaching winter break makes everyone a little crazy. The use of behavior incentives, the continuation of normal structure and routine, and a little patience and calm will do wonders! Play some holiday music during work times, read some fun winter books in free moments, and enjoy this holiday time with your students!

Personal Connections

A few minutes of planned conversation with some of your students can go far in building those much-needed relationships. While we go home and have our friends and family, some of our students go home to much less. If parents are at work or not there, if there's no dinner prepared or conversations had, or the environment is not the safest, those students may need even more from you. Do you know which students in your class need that little extra from you??? Do you take this into account when they walk in and start off with a bad morning, that something may have happened at home that they are not sure how to deal with? So many of our students need more than just an education from us- they need a safe and inviting place where they can feel loved.

Winter Fun Dress Days

If you participate in the fun on a day, feel free to wear jeans on that day! Except next Thursday on Pajama Day- wear your pajamas!

Thursday 12/10: Crazy Winter or Holiday Socks

Friday 12/11: Wear Red, Green, or Blue (holiday or winter colors)

Monday 12/14: Silly Hat Day (holiday or any kind!

Tuesday 12/15: Winter Wonderland (snowflakes, snowman, or other winter-themed socks, shirts, or winter outfits)

Wednesday 12/16: Ugly Sweater Day (if you didn't wear one today, you have another chance next week to up the game! Cumley is the one to beat I think!)

Thursday 12/17: Pajama Day

Friday 12/18: Holiday Sing-a-long and Winter Party Day (wear all your fun holiday wear- reindeer antlers, jingle bells, holiday socks or shirts)

A few reminders:

  • Do not prop any doors open in the building- we are required to have all doors locked unless it is arrival or dismissal time. We can get in trouble with Alief PD for this...
  • Please grade students as accurately as possible, enter detailed titles that reflect the activity (not "participation" as a title please!), and enter grades on a weekly basis- parents can access our grading system and can see what is entered, so it is important that we stay up to date!
  • Encourage your students to buy tickets for multicultural fair- take them down this week to tour the awards case and show them all the awesome things they can buy!
  • If you would like to read "Elf on a Shelf" to your students, Marie has two copies in her office that can be borrowed. Peppermint and Bob keep moving around our common areas and kids are asking lots of questions!
  • Don't forget to sign up for Secret Santa if you want to give and get some fun prezzies all next week! The sign-up sheet is to the right of the mailboxes!

Have a fabulous week!

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