The Ritenour Review

2015 - 2016 Third Grade Weekly News

Websites to Use at Home

Math Sites:

  • Scootpad: go to -> login using username: first-last and password is lunch code -> click on scootpad icon
  • We have used Word so far.
  • Newela: Current Event Reading

**We will add to this list in the coming weeks.

Hello, November!

Field Trip Reminder!

Our field trip to the Southside Landfill and Indiana State Museum will be on Tuesday, 13, 2018.

This past week was filled with deep thinking and creative applications. We spent a lot of our week talking about the words "easy" and "hard." We can get into a routine to say a concept or activity can be one of those terms; however, we reflected on how that can make other's feel. We are working on using our self-talk skills to share those thoughts, all the while being mindful of our classmates.
As we navigate the power of our words, we are also thinking about how we can change our thinking. When something is "hard", we are working on asking ourselves about different strategies we can use to tackle the level of difficult. On the other hand, we can do similar strategies when we find a task to be "easy." We can ask ourselves if we can challenge our thinking to take our learning to the next step. Socially and personally, our words and actions can impact so much learning! Such a great conversation we had in the classroom!

Reading: We have been working hard on reading non-fiction texts. We have been able to teach our friends about what we are learning. When we learn to teach, we find so much more joy in the details. Plus, it was a lot of fun looking at twenty students acting like teachers in the classroom. Such passion!


We are beginning to work with larger numbers in addition and subtraction problems. We spent a good majority of our week sharing strategies we can use for both concepts and HOW those strategies work. We learned that a few of our strategies only work with certain numbers. Hmm. We had to ask ourselves if a "sometimes" strategy is really a good one. Great conversation! We are starting to build our knowledge - not with quick, easy tricks/strategies - however, ones we can explain the reasoning behind.


We are in the midst of our geography unit and will extend it another few days while we wait on our newest science kits to arrive. We are having a lot of fun! We have learned a lot about the geography of our researched states: land forms, coordinates, populations, regions and much more! They have all started working on their informational posters to present to their classmates. Such a fun time to hear their conversations.

Next Week's Mentor Sentence

When Grandpa was interviewed, he asked the reporter, Pearl White, if he could borrow some of her teeth.

~Grandpa's Teet

*We will focus on complex sentences.

Coming Up Next Week:

Specifically in each subject we will be getting into the following:

  • Math: We will work on deepening our subtraction skills and learn a few more strategies to use. We will work hard on understanding the need for using a second strategy to double-check our work. I
  • Reading: I find our non-fiction unit to be exceptionally important as we learn to read informational texts. We will continue to read and identify the main ideas and the facts that support that idea. Those fun, side facts are still tricky!
  • Geography: We will work with our individual states and learn about environmental and human impacts. We will culminate our studies this week and each partnership will share their research with their classmates.
  • Poetry: We will work on writing poetry for Veteran's Day. We will have a short mini lesson to review some poetry basics: stanzas, meter, rhymes and figurative language.

Upcoming Dates

  • November 10th - BME Talent Show Rehearsal 2:00pm
  • November 12th - Veterans Day Program 9:30am
  • November 13th - Landfill and State Museum Field Trip
  • November 17th - BME Talent Show 2:00pm

Geography Fun!