By Alisa

Who needs the services of a Peadiatrician?

The services of a Pediatrician is needed by young children and adolescents. When children are sick or injured or just need a check up they go to a Pediatrician.

A work day in the life of a Pediatrician.

A Pediatrician is on duty a lot and has to be ready whenever someone calls them. A Pediatrician usually works in an office but when a child has to go to the hospital then their Pediatrician has to go to the hospital and take care of them.

Education Required

To become a pediatrician you have to attened at least 4 years of medical school and have an MD degree.

Why would someone want to be a Pediatrician?

Someone would probally want to be a Pediatrician because they like children and they like making sure they are happy and safe.

What is the toughest demand for this career field.

The toughest demand is having to help the child but it hurts them or when they have broken something and their screaming. Another hard thing is having to see a child that has been abused.

What personality traits are best suited to a pediatrician?

You need to be nice and patient and you need to be a good listener because if your not then you will get stressed out very easily and you would end up getting mad and you wouldn't be able to stand it.

Current event about this career field:

Kilometers For the Kids Fun Run

Sunday, Nov. 22nd, 9am

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, United States


It is a Fun Run for all ages and all the money goes to the Carolina For Kids.