K.c. saves he day from destruction


K.c. saves the day

K.c. saves the day from destruction June 23,2006

One beautiful sunny morning kc was visiting egypt at the mummy muesem until her braclet went off ,she new right away that it was time too do what she does best save the world from evil she ran to a personal bathroom, she pushed a button on her bracelet, and her costume appeared on her body . she telaported herself to New York all you could see from a block away was hellacopters floating over New York pent house, and flashing lights, she knew in a hurry it was time to meet up with her friend Sara bellum , they ran up the block wondering what was going on, then their they saw on top of the pent house it was Lazor man, the most evilest villain alive, trying to distroy the pent house. K.c. held on to Sarabellum , and they tellaported their self to the top of the Pent house. Lazor man turned around, and spotted the two girls, but hat they diden't know is that Lazor man had a side kick with him Zorag, Zorag was also the most evilest ever to be known. While K.c. was fighting Lazor man Sarabellum was trying to distroy Zorag by shooting ice at him, but what she did not know is that he was power proof, K.c. rapped her armes around lazor mans neck, and tried to push him off he top, but he was too strong he pushed her armes off of him, and started shooting lazors , mean while Sarabellum tried to punch zorag in the face, but he kept moving back farther. They spent about two houres fighting them K.c. used her very fexible armes, and rapped her armes around lazor man, annd started shooting fire stones at him, lazor man fell off the pent house, and he was gone forever, but Sarabellum was still fighting zorag four houres went by, and then suddenly she froze time, she pushed Zorag off the pent house, then she quickly unfroze time . The cops cought Zorag , and electricuted him, he was also gone forever. K.c. and sarabellum done it again.