Eva Galler

Anna L.

Before we Begin…

The holocaust is a very serious topic. It all started with just one man by the name you probably know, Adolf Hitler. This one man that hated Jews so much created an army called the Nazis to destroy them all. He and his army killed over 11 million people Jewish and gentile. Eva Galler is a holocaust survivor you may have not heard of. She might not have her own book like Anne Frank, but she has a remarkable story to tell. In this article you will learn about Eva’s life before the holocaust, her incredible death train jump, her life without a home, and how her life turns around.

This is Eva around age 14

Life Before the Holocaust

. Eva Galler was born a care free baby on January 1, 1927 in the city of Oleszyce, Poland. She had a wonderful mother and a very wealthy father. She had many siblings and she was the oldest. At age 17 her father wasn’t earning as much money as he use to so she got a job to support the family as well. Life was running smoothly for her. She have heard of the Nazis taking over in nearby cities but she had no concerns that one day in 1933 her life was going to change forever.

Death Train Jump

The Nazis had finally arrived in the city of Oleszyce (Eva’s home town). The Nazis took over. She had the Star of David clipped on to her shirt. All of her gentile friends turned against her. Each day was a living nightmare. She had nothing to eat she had no money and each day orders from the Nazis arrived. Until one day all Jews ad to pack all the could carry in a suitcase and leave to concentration camps. While on the death train to the camps her and the two other oldest were told to jump of the train! her father knew that Eva would survive because she had the Belzer Rebbe’s Blessing. So she jumped with many other people but only she and one other person survived.

Life Without a Home

Eva hid from house to with gentile people. Everyone of them were afraid to let her in thinking that the Nazis would come and kill them for keeping Jews in their home.After hiding she was sent to Germany to work on a farm as a fake catholic girl. She worked on a big farm until she became ill and was sent to work on a smaller farm. She now a new place to call home.

Life Gets Better

Life went on till one day she went to a wedding. She then met a childhood friend and then later on they moved to America on May 2, 1954. They then moved in together and got married. The live a wonderful life in New York with their daughter. They moved to New Orleans in 1962 they then had two more daughters. Proud as can be she graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1985. On January 6, 2006 she died from old age. She lived life to the fullest she could with the help of family and friends in the end.


Gentile- gentile people are people who are not classified as Jewish people.

Jews- Jew is a shortened word for Jewish people.