Jaehong's Bucket List

April 2015

#1 Base Jumping-Fisher Towers in Moab, Utah

I want to go base jumping off of the Fisher Towers with friends or family. I think it would be cool. There are many things to prepare in order to base jump and it is also one of the most dangerous things to do.

Fisher Towers was created by erosion due to winds and rain which are physical.

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#2 Waterfall Rafting-Mosier Falls, Oregon

I want to go rafting down a waterfall with my friends. It would be fun and cool but also dangerous.

Mosier Falls was formed by water which is a type of physical erosion

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#3 Skydiving-Belize Blue Hole

I want to go skydiving into the Belize Blue Hole with my family.

The Belize Blue Hole was created by Quaternary Glaciation which is physical erosion.

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#4 Wing suit flight-Walenstadt, Switzerland.

I want to try to do this with friends or family even though it looks dangerous.

The valleys were created by sediment and debris carried by water over a long period of time and this is a physical process of erosion. It could have been created by glaciers too.

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#5 Extreme Rock Climbing-Totempole in Tasmania

I want to climb up the Totem pole with my friends.

This structure was created by the constant waves and also could have been hit by boulders falling from other areas. This is a physical erosion.

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Totem Pole | Mayan Smith-Gobat & Ben Rueck | Tasmania | Climbing | adidas Outdoor