Social Media Specialist

Interacts with network users

Job Description and Salary

Social media specialists are people who interact with network users. They build and execute social media pages through competitive research, generate and share public content information that is meaningful, and to set up and optimize company pages to the visibility of company's social intent. They act on statistical data of network users to improve the site. The average annual salary for a social media specialist is $40,671. People will need a master's degree in programming to be able to work in this position. People will also need to have majored in any social media field.


There are many locations for a social media specialist. One of the locations are in Atlanta. The AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) is a company in 223 Perimeter Center Parkway. Social media specialists work in agency buildings. They work long hours because of the constant use of social media. They work in a team to design each part of the social media website or app.

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