More mysterious than an Agatha Christie book

The History of Indian Island

Indian Island has always been a place of curiosity.It has been known as "The Stranger of Islands"It is called this because out of all the islands,it is the most unknown about island.No one really knows that much of it's history for some reason.Also no one knows when what happened to the people who were there in the 1930's.All we know is that it has always been there.

This is what islands are all about

Kristen Bell Loves Indian Island

Kristen Bell (the voice of Anna in Disney's "Frozen") has come to this island many time before.She has always had nothing but great things to say about it."I love this island.It's so filled with mystery and adventure and there is never a dull moment." "If you want to go somewhere this summer,go to this island." "I swear you definitely won't be disappointed." "I know for me it was one of the best decisions I've ever made."
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"Smelly sort of rock covered with gulls stood about a mile from the coast.It had got it's name from it's resemblance to a man's head-an American Indian profile." -Mr.Blore

By:Lovita Adjei

December 3,2014

Period 6