Kinder Konnect


We have enjoyed a successful week 11.

Thank you to all who participated in our Cookie Dough Fundraiser.

Please be sure to read and adhere to the dress code policy notification on our school website.

Dates to know:

· Wednesday, October 19th –Zaxby's Spirit Night -Panola Road

· Friday, October 21st –Project 1 due (Fall 5 Senses Book Project)

· Monday - Friday, October 24-28 –Red Ribbon Week (details TBA)

· Wednesday, October 26th –Fall Picture Day *Students need to be dressed in full uniform. Refer to the policy on our website as needed.

· Thursday, October 27th –Truck or Treat (K-8) (details sent via email 9/30/16) *Payments due 10/20 through MPP

· Monday, October 31 st –Character Day and Trunk or Treat (K-4) (details sent via email 9/30/16) Candy due by 10/24. If possible, send the book that goes along with your child's character costume so that we can read it in class. *You may send in snack items for us to enjoy as a Fall celebration that day as well (finger food, desserts, etc)

Wishlist items:

card stock paper, sheet protectors, laminating sheets, and prize drawer items (Sloan)

electric pencil sharpener, expo markers, glue sticks, laminating sheets, and prize drawer items (Gilford)

expo markers, Scotch laminating sheets, kleenex, sheet protectors, and prize drawer items (Edmonds)

*All donations of wishlist items may be used towards your volunteer hours- 1 hour/$10 spent. Volunteer Contract information available on our school website.

If your child misses a day of school, please send your child's teacher an email, doctor's excuse, or anything that can be used as a reference for documentation purposes regarding the absence.

In an effort to go green, paper copies of homework, projects, and most other documents will not be sent. These items will generally be posted to our E-blast or other electronic platforms. If you are having trouble accessing documents or sites that we send from your electronic devices, then we would suggest a visit to your local library. A list can be found here:

Continue to check your email, our weekly E-blast, and our school website regularly for updates and important resources and information.

Thank you so much for all that you do. We look forward to a wonderful Week 12.


Please ensure that you are logging your child's reading time on the Pizza Hut Book It program website or using an alternative tracker that was provided. Contact your child's teacher if you are in need of this information.

Homework will be posted on our school website on Mondays and will need to be signed and returned to your child's teacher electronically on Fridays by 12 p.m for recording purposes. NO late work will be accepted. Please refer to our Kindergarten First Semester Syllabus as needed. As a friendly reminder, we do receive a weekly report for completion on all electronic platforms.

An electronic copy of the sight word assessment and progress monitoring packet has been provided to each parent so that you will have a reference of what we use in class. We encourage you to begin to work with your child(ren) on these words for mastery to ensure first grade readiness. (Goal: 220 sight words mastered) Please contact your child's teacher if you are in need of another electronic copy of the packet. It is very imperative that you work with your child(ren) daily on mastering sight words. The faster they pick up on sight words, the easier it will become to read and write.

In an effort to ensure the most successful year academically, we need your full support. If we send messages or work samples with specific details of struggle areas, work on those concepts at home until mastered. Please sign and return everything where a signature is requested. This is one form of documentation that we use to confirm parent notification regarding any concerns.

Please continue to have your child practice handwriting using the correct format. Students should also practice counting (rote 1-100 and skip 5s, 10s, and 2s if ready) andrecognizing all letters and numbers (1-20), and naming words with each alphabet initial sound daily until mastered.

Begin to introduce your child to ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) This is helpful for students being able to say the date using the calendar and with describing changes over time.

Kinder Class Metrics:

Sloan 12 girls 6 boys (allergies: 1 peanut/soy 1 shellfish/egg whites)

Gilford 11 girls 11 boys (nut allergies)

Edmonds 8 girls 8 boys


Check out our selection of e-books available through Storia school edition absolutely free!!

1. Go to

2. Enter the class code: sloa5 (for Ms. Sloan's Class)

3. Choose your name and enter your personal password

Happy reading super readers!!

You all received login information for all electronic platforms including Storia, IXL, and Mobymax via email.


Jordan 10/10

Kaleb 10/11

Rhyan 10/11

Londyn 10/16

Natalia 10/22


-Identifying letters and the beginning sounds for the alphabet (Focus letter: Ii Focus word: to)

-Naming words that begin with each letter sound

-Identifying sound position in CVC words (beginning, middle, and ending sound)

-Story elements: characters, settings, author/illustration (the purpose of each), problem and solution, and sequence of events

-Parts of a book: front cover, back cover, spine, title page (introduced and reviewed weekly)

-syllables, synonyms, alliteration, verbs, prepositions, rhyming, and nouns

-Students are currently being assessed on List 1 and 2 (some up to list 3) sight words and updates will be provided

-Focus on numbers 1-20 one more and one less (*cont. counting objects up to 20, writing the numbers, recognizing in different formats i.e.number cards, ten frames, dots, tally marks, objects, cubes, dominos, and dice)

-Introducing living vs. nonliving things

-Introducing chronology (changes over time): first, next, last; past, present, future; today, yesterday, tomorrow, etc.

-Self-Knowledge/Positive character traits